Good afternoon and welcome to another Wednesday! We hope everyone has been safe, staying clean and distanced, and enjoyed your weekend. If you celebrate the Easter holiday, we wish it was pleasant and welcoming with ways to connect with family regardless of the current situation we are all in.

Please remember that we are a primary healthcare facility and we are always accepting new patients. If you have any ailments such as low back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, whiplash, headaches, and many other issues contact our office immediately and we will accommodate you. These types of ailments may not require an emergency room visit and we are trying to keep our emergency rooms prepared and ready to handle severe concerns. Come into our office and we can work with you at handling pain, keeping range of motion, and boosting your immune system. We also have referral offers for new patients so if you know someone who is currently suffering, ask our front desk staff and we can give you a referral card to bring them in! Remember we also offer a complimentary consultation with the doctor if you or your family are unsure of the correct route to take for your health. Come and speak with Dr. Joe and we will try our best to aid you. 

Here at Sandwich Chiropractic we have been continuing our sanitation practices and have been keeping up with the CDC recommendations. For over a week now we have been using masks and gloves when working in proximity with patients. We have also made numerous reusable cloth masks for our patients to use while in our office. When you arrive, you will receive a mask from our front desk staff. We request you keep it on during your entire visit and please dispose of them in the bin by the front desk at the end of your visit. We continue to practice cleaning each piece of equipment after every use, including adjustment and traction equipment. We are also keeping our counters, chairs, armrests, door handles, pens, phones, and keyboards clean. As a reminder, we are keeping within the 10-person recommendation in the office at a time. If we are over the limit, we politely request that you wait in your car and we will come get you when your appointment is ready. If you have someone with you, please let us know beforehand so we can schedule accordingly, otherwise we may have to ask them to wait in the car.


Thank you for continuing support and we look forward to taking care of you! 

Your Sandwich Chiropractic Staff

Monday, March 30th, 2020

We hope this update greets you in good spirits and good health! We are consistently making changes just like every other corporation and family currently. Here at the office we have decided to limit our hours temporarily. As of now we will be open only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. We will be extending our hours on Fridays until seven to assist our patients that prefer a later scheduling time. We hope to help you maintain your therapies during these changes.

            We want to make sure we provide a sterile environment and ask that our staff only goes out when necessary as well. We will be providing all services as well as managing the front desk with a shorter staff. We appreciate your patience as we maintain the front desk and therapies a little differently for now.

            As reminders, we are keeping our patient load to less than ten people in the office at a time. We understand what a challenge this can be if you have children that are currently at home and need to bring them with you. We will always be accommodating to any situation that arises, we simply ask that you let us know if you are able so we can schedule you accordingly. We are also routing patients throughout the office to keep up with the six-foot social distancing recommendation.  As always, we are keeping up with sanitation, cleaning every piece of equipment as each patient finishes with disinfectant wipes, rubbing alcohol, and disinfectant sprays.


Thank you for your support,

Your Sandwich Chiropractic Staff

Monday, March 23rd, 2020

As we continue navigating through this challenging time, we would like to offer more reassurances, education, and understanding of our office and the steps we are taking here. First, as many of you are aware, we are still open with full hours as of now. Our practice is an essential part of your health and that allows us to remain open to take care of you. In the state of Illinois, chiropractic care is labeled as primary health care.

            Now is the time to make sure you take care of yourself and if you seek medical attention please go to the appropriate channels. If you have any of these common symptoms and issues please call us and we can work with you to help alleviate your concerns; headaches, stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, arthritis, osteoporosis, whiplash, joint pains, neck and back pains, and weakened immune systems. These are just a few of the many things our office treats daily. Coming to our office for these concerns will help keep hospitals open for people with serious injuries and illnesses.

            A study was done by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois that was conducted over a 7-year time span to view chiropractors as the primary care physicians in their network. The results showed a decrease of 60.2% for in-hospital admissions, 50% less hospital days, and 62% less outpatient surgeries and procedures. These results show the clinical improvements and cost effectiveness chiropractic care has in the medical industry. As of 2012, the results of this study done by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois were still unrefuted.

            As always, our office is up to date on sanitation guidelines. We continually sanitize all our equipment with EPA-approved cleaners after each patient has any contact. We have also eliminated the use of our keyboard and mouse from our patients; you now must sign in with our receptionist upon arrival. We have alcohol-based hand sanitizer available for use throughout the office, including disinfectant sprays and wipes. We are continuing to practice wiping down phones, counter tops, handles, doorknobs, light switches, and writing tools as well. We no longer have magazines or children’s books available in our lobby to help minimize risk, and we are also practicing social distancing while waiting for your adjustment. You may wait in the lobby, but we will rotate our patients and place them in different areas of our office to keep everyone distanced. We are also limiting our traction availability, so we do not have people laying next to one another even though we have our traction at the appropriate distance. As a reminder, if you would prefer to limit your time in our office, you are welcome to wait in your vehicle. If you choose this option, please notify us when you arrive by call or text. We will then check you in and notify you when the doctor is ready to take you.

            We would like to offer continued support in the community during this trying situation and remember to please practice self-care at home and in the essential public places you need to travel to!


Thank you always,

Your Sandwich Chiropractic Staff


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Friday, March 20th, 2020

During the current outbreak of Coronavirus, Sandwich Chiropractic would like to open dialogue with you about the importance of chiropractic care, living a healthy lifestyle, and sanitation. We will provide weekly updates as well.

            Research shows that in the early 1900s during a flu epidemic, patients who were treated with a chiropractor had an increased immune function compared to those without a chiropractor. In one study outside of Davenport “medical doctors in the state treated 93,590 patients with 6,116 deaths. That’s one death out of every 15 patients. 4,735 patients were seen by chiropractors and only six patients died. That’s one out of every 789.” We now know the reason why chiropractic care has this beneficial effect on our immune function. The nervous system and immune system are hardwired to work together, where the nervous system relays information to the brain from the entire body and can directly influence receptors in the immune system.

            A study from National College of Chiropractic in Lombard, IL, found that disease-fighting white blood cell counts were higher 15 minutes after an adjustment. A similar study was done to investigate the immune system response to HIV-positive patients under chiropractic care. After six months of treating patients, the group receiving chiropractic care showed a 48% increase in white blood cells counts, while the group that didn’t receive chiropractic care experienced a near 8% decrease in their immunity cells.

            We do have standard recommendations to boost your immune system during this unusual time as well. Some suggestions include getting plenty of sleep, exercise daily, do not overindulge in food that is high in fat, sodium, or sugar, and to moderate any alcohol intake. The CDC also suggests washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water for 20 seconds, cover your mouth with a tissue or bent elbow while coughing or sneezing, avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands, using at least 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and wiping down common areas with disinfectants continuously. Here at our office we are continuing to practice sanitation in a very positive way! We have hand sanitation stations throughout our office, as well as disinfection wipes available for use. We make sure to clean every piece of equipment after each patient, as well as our lobby, computers, keyboard and mouse, phones, and doorknobs and handles.

            Lastly, we are complying with the CDC’s guidelines. We are keeping our office’s capacity at ten people or less at a time, and we are distancing our patients in the lobby and while they get their adjustment. If you would like to receive an adjustment and prefer to limit your time in our office, you are welcome to wait in your vehicle. If you choose this option please notify us when you arrive by call or text, we will check you in and notify you when the doctor is ready to take you for your adjustment. We would like to thank you for your continued support and we just want to remind everyone to take things in moderation, remember to practice self-care including regular chiropractic adjustments to keep the immune system strong!

Thank you, 

Your Sandwich Chiropractic Staff 


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