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Our Chiropractic office in Sandwich is available for Vertigo treatment, including the use of our Vertigone system. 

What is BPPV? 

BPPV stands for Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. BPPV occurs when small crystals, which normally exist in the inner ear, become dislodged and float into the wrong canal. Symptoms usually last fewer than six weeks. 

Certain motions can then result in dizziness:

  • Looking up
  • Looking down
  • Lying down or on one side
  • Sitting up

How do I stay vertigo-free using the Vertigone Relief Maneuver?

Short Term- The Vertigone Relief Maneuvers are designment to move the loosened crystals around the inner ear. The head maneuvers will move these crystals from the sensitive area of the inner ear to a less sensitive area of the inner ear. To avoid moving these crystals back into the sensitive part of the inner ear, doctors recommend sleeping reclined no lower than 45 degrees for 48 hours. An easy way to accomplish this is to sleep in a reclining chair. 

Long Term- The Vertigone Relief Maneuvers will almost certainly relieve your BPPV symptoms by relocating the loosened inner ear crystals. The crystals will then dissolve and you will be symptom-free. At this time, doctors do not know why crystal flakes come loose. They do know that there is a 15% chance that the problem will recur within the next year, a 30% chance that it will recur within the next two years, a 45% chance that it will recur within the next three years, etc. Your goggle will continue to be a relief source for you if your dizziness recurs. 

How would a physician relieve my BPPV symptoms? 

To diagnose BPPV, a physician leads a patient through a series of head positions called Hallpike Positions. These Hallpike head positions are the basis for the Vertigone Goggle identification process. In turn, a BPPV patient would find relief from symptoms by being led by a physician through another series of head positions called the Epley Maneuver. The Vertigone goggle system mimics the Epley maneuver head positions resulting in BPPV relief.

Discover whether Vertigone makes sense for you. Contact our chiropractic office at 815-786-8191 today to schedule an evaluation!


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